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Bobby Ong of CoinGecko: Exclusive Interview

bobby ong

This week caught up with Bobby Ong of CoinGecko. We are a huge fan of CoinGecko, which is consistently delivering excellent features and is an incredible resource for the entire DeFi Community.

This interview is special because Bobby Ong is also‘s Person of the Week! Bobby, you truly deserve it, you and the entire team at CoinGecko has been working tirelessly to provide the latest and greatest to all of us DeFi fans. We really appreciate all your hard work.

Thanks CoinGecko and Congrats Bobby!

bobby ong

Hi Bobby! Please tell us about your origin story and the CoinGecko journey.

BO: I did my studies in University College London, majoring in Economics. After graduating in 2012, I came back to my home in Malaysia. I found out about Bitcoin in 2013 as I was learning how to code and got really interested in the potential that blockchain technology has to offer. 

I knew that I had to play a role in this industry that will be fast-growing in the coming decades. A chance encounter with my co-founder, TM Lee led us to start CoinGecko. We were both interested in cryptocurrencies and wanted a way to get additional data related to cryptocurrencies such as community and developer stats to help us quickly compare cryptocurrencies and help us with some fundamental analysis. There was no such service and we started CoinGecko to solve our own needs. 

How has CoinGecko become so dominant? What differentiates CoinGecko with some of the other aggregators?

BO: CoinGecko is the most comprehensive crypto data aggregator. We track close to 6,000 tokens from nearly 400 exchanges. Any actively traded token that is of interest, you would be certain to find it on CoinGecko. We track multiple decentralized exchanges and was the first crypto data aggregator to track DeFi DEXs such as Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, Mooniswap and more. 

We are also the first crypto data aggregator to track the crypto derivatives market. We also track the leveraged ETF / leveraged token market too. The crypto market moves fast and constantly introduces new products which we work hard to accurately track for the benefit of the crypto community. 

We also offer a free-to-use crypto API, which is very popular and easy to use. We see it as our duty to the crypto community to expand this industry and, by having a user-friendly API, we aim to inspire more people to join this ecosystem and provide a better user experience by making such crypto data available to users. Many crypto analysts also use our crypto API to look at market performance on their Google Spreadsheets and we are very pleased to support it.

CoinGecko was also the first crypto data aggregator to introduce a solution to exchanges’ rampant wash trading and fake volume issue. Our Trust Score algorithm incorporates other variables beyond trading volume such as the bid/ask spread, ±2% orderbook depth, exchange website traffic estimate, and cybersecurity features to assess the actual liquidity and quality of exchanges. Our Trust Score algorithm has improved the experience of users on CoinGecko and now we have higher quality exchanges sorted at the top of CoinGecko instead of exchanges conducting massive wash-trading. 

Bitcoin to date has solved some of its biggest challenges. Now resolving much of the survival issues, do you think the right question to be asked is whether Bitcoin will reach $100k or when will it reach $100k?

BO: It is always very hard to make price predictions but I believe that Bitcoin will eventually hit $100k. It’s not a matter of if but when. Maybe it will happen in the coming bull cycle or in the next few bull cycles. I don’t know when but I believe it will reach it at some point in the future.

Why do you think DeFi is getting so much attention from crypto investors at this very moment?

BO: DeFi started getting a lot of attention this year due to the liquidity mining / yield farming craze. In this zero or negative interest-rate environment, people are looking for asset classes that can protect their wealth and provide higher yield than bank deposits.

The incentives being offered by the various DeFi protocols are very lucrative despite the high risks involved. All of this was started by Compound which distributes their COMP token to borrowers and lenders to grow their liquidity pool. The success of Compound got other stakeholders in the crypto industry to take notice and to implement a similar incentive structure. The new incentives are typically offered with higher yield to get the attention of the crypto community thus fuelling the DeFi growth further.  

What are the best blockchain adoption strategies in your opinion?

BO: I think games will be a key driver for blockchain to reach mainstream adoption in the future. I foresee a future where users will be using applications on their mobile devices that interact with the blockchain on the backend without the user even realizing it. 

Any thoughts on the lack of political will to address the lack of any streamlined regulations regarding digital assets and their elemental technologies?

BO: Innovation is constantly happening at breakneck speed in the blockchain ecosystem. However, regulations are always lagging behind innovation. At some point, regulators will catch-up with the progress and put in place regulations. All we can do is lobby and hope that the regulations will be progressive for the development of this industry.

When you’re not working what do you like to do for fun?

BO: I enjoy road biking and like to cycle with my friends when I have time.

No crypto interview is incomplete without a prediction question; Which cryptocurrency is likely to explode in 2021?

BO: It’s really hard to give predictions as the crypto market as we know can be crazy! I would say 2021 may be the year to watch Ethereum’s development closely as it goes ahead with its ETH 2.0 plan.

Thank you Bobby and congratulations again on being the Person of the Week! We can’t wait to see what CoinGecko has in store for all of us next!

-The DeFiRev Team is #1 in DeFi News. Check back in soon to find out the latest in DeFi News.

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BriFitDance: Up Close and Personal with


BriFitDance took the world and Crypto Twitter by storm with her epic and what will surely be a time capsule in bitcoin’s history. Did it spark the bitcoin Golden bull run?

If you haven’t watced the video, watch it right now: Tell us about your origin story and how you got to where you are today. When and how did you first learn to dance?

BriFitDance: I am originally from Ecuador. My family and I immigrated to the United States in 2009, learning and exploring the USA journey. Since I was 3 years old, I’ve been staying active by dancing, swimming, riding a bike, and running. I’ve always loved to be in the fitness field, but my passion is dancing, especially belly dancing. I am also learning to hoop dance to incorporate more dancing activities in my videos. : Where did you grow up and what’s your favorite type of music?

BriFiDance: I grew up in the United States as in the state of Maryland, as a teenager and as an adult. My favorite type of music is pop music. I do like all kinds of music, I think it soothes the soul, relieves stress, and lifts up the mood a great amount. Do you usually come up with the lyrics to the songs first or start with the music or dance moves?

BriFitDance: I work with a video producer from We start with the lyrics, then work on a beat, record my vocals with a professional recorder, practice the choreography and then perform the music video with the dance moves. How did you first get into bitcoin?

BriFitDance: I got into Bitcoin in the beginning of this year, buying and holding, also accepting donations. No altcoins however. What has been the video you had the most fun making so far?

BriFitDance: I had a lot of fun making the Crypto_Bitlord Tongue song because it had a few acting moves and loved performing it. What has been your favorite moment in crypto history?

BriFitDance: The Bull Run since my Saylor Bitcoin Bull song. When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? Favorite hobbies? Anything that would surprise us?

BriFitDance: I like to walk with my family and help my parents edit their videos, because they aspire to be YouTube stars as well. What are a few of your favorite books?  What are some that have made a long-lasting impact on you?  (Can be fiction or nonfiction)

BriFitDance: Animal Farm by George Orwell and Human Development: A Cultural Approach by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett and Lene Jensen. Animal Farm has helped me realize that with teamwork and trust, dreams and goals can be accomplished and work in the future. The Human Development book has provided me with the knowledge and information, as well as understanding the foundation and statistics of human development in all countries. I have an interest in Psychology and love this subject. I would definitely recommend others to read these. What are you most excited about for the future of blockchain technology and where do you see the space in 5 years?

BriFitDance: Hopefully Bitcoin will be in the hands of one billion plus users. What are your personal theories of who Satoshi was or were?

BriFitDance: I have no idea. All I know is he/she/they is/are very smart! At what point did it hit you that bitcoin was history in the making? 

BriFitDance: The first time I heard Michael Saylor talk about Bitcoin. What advice would you give our viewers regarding blockchain, business, motivation, or life in general?

BriFitDance: Buy and HOLD Bitcoin! 

It has been a historic week for bitcoin and we at wanted to thank BriFitDance and congratulate her for being the PERSON OF THE WEEK!

brifitdance is #1 in DeFi News. Check back in soon to find out the latest in DeFi News.

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Boxming: Crypto’s favorite bro you want to hang with-Michael Gu tells all in this interview with his signature style.


This week caught up with one of crypto and DeFi’s unsung heroes and everyone’s favorite crypto friend, Michael Gu of Boxmining. For that reason, he’s also’s person of the week!


Michael how did you first get into Bitcoin?

MG: Started Mining in 2012 on my gaming PC when Bitcoin was $10 and minable by an AMD GPU. I discovered Bitcoin by looking at online forums for methods to make passive income. At it’s peak, I was mining 0.3 BTC every other day, so a crazy $3 dollar passive income. 

Unfortunately, in 2012, I didn’t learn enough about the value of Bitcoin. I ended up listening to ‘experts’ like Peter Schiff calling Bitcoin a scam. That’s why at $15, I sold most of my stash. 

You’re widely regarded as one of the most respected and influential Crypto YouTubers, share with us your origin story and your road to success.

MG: Thanks so much! Boxmining started out as a way to share my thoughts and force myself to learn more about crypto. I don’t want people to repeat the mistakes I made in 2012, and wanted to create a community based on learning and respect. To be honest I didn’t expect it to take of the way it did, I’m super thankful for the entire community. The channel has evolved a lot but at its core values are the same. 

After witnessing many crypto market cycles, what have you learned?

MG: Don’t listen to “Experts”. Make your own decision and learn how to properly manage funds (control greed / aggression)

We see you’re really getting into DeFi! That’s super cool! Tell us about your experience with farming YFI!

MG: I was lucky I was already in Y pool prior to the launch for YFI. I was astonished at yield rates. I mean if you think about it, at today’s prices $213 Million (YFI market cap) was distributed for free to yield farmers over 7 days. As a farmer, I usually sell yield early to lock in some profits. 

We’re really excited about MTA and CRV what are your thoughts?

MG: Really cool projects. Governance tokens have super high risk, so I try not to speculate too much. Been mining CRV and it’s great. 


What most excites you about the DeFi space?

MG: The possibility that I don’t have to deal with big banks every again. Ever tried getting a loan or apply to trade stocks. Banks are horrible. 

For fun, do you have any predictions about the total crypto market capitalization by January 1, 2021?

MG: No. But I’m pretty sure John McAffee is still on track to eat his own dick. 

Is it hard to stay unbiased as a reporter and reviewer in the space with certain coins and tokens that you really like?

MG: Nobody is unbiased. Declare what you have and stay transparent.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

MG: What are you talking about? I’m always working. 

What are some hidden talents you possess that your fans don’t know about?

MG: I love to eat food. I cook a mean steak. 

What advice can you give our viewers about success and life in general?

MG: Work 10x harder than everyone else. There is no such thing as free lunch. Try to carve out measurable / deliverable goals and achieve them in the fastest time possible. 

Does anything surprise you in the DeFi sector?

MG: With all these weird meme coins – nothing surprises me now

What’s your take on the current “war” between Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalists?

MG: ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZ. That discussion ended years ago. Ethereum has proven itself to be a very successful smart contract platform. People who still “debate’ this issue are in denial / have a giant ego. It’s like Peter Shiff STILL talking about Bitcoin going to 0. 

What date do you envision the mass general public truly getting into cryptocurrency and DeFi?

MG: Who knows. Longer than most people want, but shorter than most people think. 

What are some your favorite books (can be fiction or nonfiction) and some of your favorite films?

MG: I’m still recovering from the trauma of watching Game of Thrones Season 8. It was one my most favorite TV shows / series. Maybe with the launch of A Dream of Spring the series will redeem itself. 

Thanks Michael for the awesome answers and entertainment as always! Congrats on being our person of the week-you deserve it!
Looking forward to next time! is #1 in DeFi News. Check back in soon to find out the latest in DeFi News.

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Layah Heilpern : A Rising Star

If there’s one rising star in the DeFi and cryptocurrency space, it’s Layah Heilpern.

layah heilpern


If there’s one rising star in the DeFi and cryptocurrency space, it’s Layah Heilpern.

This talented young reporter is a great resource for all of us in the DeFi space, and her passion is a thing of beauty.

For those individuals who are new to the DeFi and cryptocurrency space, Heilpern is a great public figure to help spread awareness and knowledge.

Layah Heilpern has the potential to be one of the de facto female thought leaders in the space. Her professional demeanor, intelligent analysis, and euphonious voice are all a winning combo. With people like her, we can count on the space advancing. It is of the utmost importance to have passionate, professional, and intelligent individuals championing our cause.

Much like how Anthony Pompliano (who we all look up to) is a spokesperson for all of us in the DeFi and crypto space, Layah could be his female counterpart, further advancing the space with her knowledge and passion.

Here’s a great video of Layah Heilpern explaining bitcoin’s intrinsic value:

Layah Heilpern commanding her role as a serious DeFi Reporter:

Here at DeFi Rev, we’re expecting great things from Layah!

Thanks for your contribution to the space Layah!

-The DeFi Rev Team

Check back in at to find out the latest in DeFi News and to see who’s next on our list!

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